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  1. bharath

    Rise of Social Media Marketing

    For small business social media plays a big role like online stores, I had stopped in the middle for my online store, however it showed sales boost for the next stages.
  2. bharath

    How to find a good SEO pro?

    Show the past projects that got successes, Some important questions ask the guy to find about domain keyword and how much traffic he can bring per day. Most of the people comes with fake proof so please becareful.
  3. bharath

    Money management

    I have made a lot of money online in the past so asked you to upload some proof. Theirs no problem even if you not uploaded. I can't comment further since it comes under thread hijacking.
  4. bharath

    Money management

    Looks like a shit poster without proof of your making money. If you can't provide proof then you are just making shit posts here.
  5. bharath

    Your Height

    Sorry Idiot, an height is always measured in feets not in inches, may be in some countries. I am at 5.6 feet. its getting headache to answer your stupid questions. What has to do with Weight here?
  6. bharath

    Money management

    yesh pleash looking forward to your sheet. BTW what you do here in this forums?
  7. bharath

    Your Height

    You can even calculate in mm also and my current height is 5.6 inches only. I don't have an habit of drinking in night and chatting with other people.
  8. bharath

    What is a domain name

    Still there are some people who doesnt know the most functions of a domain name Internet Protocol.
  9. bharath

    The things you do when you don't play.

    I don't play at all and spend most time with company also keeping blogs active. I am presently looking to build a great audience blog and it is on the way to accomplish for my lifetime.
  10. bharath

    It's Always Sunny

    I just did a search and got that the city had most murder ratings and dangerous. I would suggest to stay far away from that city.
  11. bharath

    Your Height

    me 5.6 in height but currently a few cm's decreased due to some jobs that done by me.
  12. bharath

    Money management

    Ish show yoursh financhial Shtatement bechause youh areh just iputting useless words. Provide Pseash shome phroof.
  13. bharath


    Why you been pretending with others, if you want separate forum for us or don't want us, just please let us know. I hope you had great enjoyment here all the time.
  14. bharath

    Paid or Free

    Paid marketing always puts your ads in top position, wherever you want, while free ones have to stay in the same place just like other people. Try the paid advertisements and get the results.
  15. bharath

    Credits and Shop System Temp Taken Down

    What are there in the shop? I haven't looked and will be waiting for the credits. Do you allow the credits to Fiat? if what payment processors would be attached to it?
  16. bharath

    Admin Loop - Project In Progress

    Well, we have to spend money and it's not a small project or maintained by one or two persons. Forums always consume a lot of time and depend upon active members. You might heard about this one The Admin zone forums, which took lot of years in development.
  17. bharath

    Money management

    I want to see your management before telling someone to do. P.S show your assets and how far you maintained them.
  18. bharath

    The new WordPress editor.

    Exactly the name you mentioned, could you control it?
  19. bharath

    Dealing with spam

    If it looks bad for you, then just ignore my profile. Whats your point in this thread? except in increasing post count?
  20. bharath

    Paid or Free

    Yep, sometime may work our ads and sometime can't so we have to use regularly and taste them how it goes.