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    My favorite dessert is the Brownie Obsession at TGI Friday's. Unfortunately, I don't get to go there very much.
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    Revillution - Your portal to entertainment!

    I like your site, Smokey. I've always enjoyed your forum and what it brings to the table. Keep up the great work!
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    Your First Affiliate Program

    I've thought about using the affiliate program with a bookstore on my blog, especially since my blog is literature based. But I haven't tried it yet. Can anyone tell me if you are allowed to start and stop that whenever you want? Are there penalties for stopping the program once you've started?
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    2000 Word Blog Posts

    The articles I write for my blog are no where near that amount. If I had to write articles that long, I'd be sitting in front of a computer until my eyes were bleeding.
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    Lending Money

    I usually don't borrow money from other people. It's other people who usually ask to borrow money from me or my hubby. As far as a company lending us money, we have a home loan and a car loan.....if that counts.
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    Managing Websites

    Well, I have one forum that I manage and I also have a personal blog. The forum, I am on it every day. Even if I'm not posting something on the forum, then I'm usually doing some behind the scenes work. The blog, I usually write at least 2-3 articles on it each week (that's my minimum). Even...
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    Driven Drunk

    I haven't had a single drink of alcohol in my entire life so I can't say that I've ever driven drunk.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm currently listening to the song listed below. I believe the band had an album release not too long ago and this is one of the songs listed on that album. My hubby played the song for me because he likes it a lot and it's been stuck in my head ever since.
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    How often do you buy games?

    I don't really buy a lot of video games. Usually someone gets me the video games I want for Christmas or my birthday so I don't have to worry about buying my video games most of the time.
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    Hello everyone! How are you? A little bit about me.....I enjoy reading (a lot), watching movies, playing with my dog, catching up on my favorite tv shows, playing video games, and hanging out online. If you want to know more about me, just ask. Otherwise, I'll see you around.