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    Favorite movies?

    I'm a big fan of comedies, with American Pie being my favorite series. Watching movies where you don't have to think too much is nice to unwind after a day of work.
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    Your Blog

    Do you plan on adding to your blog? Noticed it is currently empty.
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    Popular company made MyBB themes free

    Why did ThemeHouse make them all free? Were they just not able to sell them? MyBB must be less popular than the other forums, no?
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    Can money buy you happiness?

    Yes I think money can help contribute towards happiness. I am definitely more happy because I have a home and a car and don't have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck. I would be a lot happier with a second house, on the water, with a boat, and a jetski, and yes, money can buy me all that.
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    How often do you travel?

    I take a lot of vacations, I will not include weekend or long weekend drives, but I would say that I get on a plane and fly somewhere about 3-5 times a year.
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    Should you use all social media websites?

    I feel like as long as you are active within a community and don’t spam, reddit is a good place, as long as your post is releveant to the question. I get a lot of hits from Reddit from comments posted months ago since reddit shows up high in the searches.
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    Property Has anyone invested into land or property's?

    I did a short term ownership. I bought a house that was move on ready but that could be improved. Finished the basement and improved it. 3 years later I sold it for a good profit.
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    Any Churners Out There?

    I wouldn’t consider myself an intense churner, but I’ve been chasi after the sign up bonuses for hotel credit cards lately. Has gotten me some free stays at some nice resorts.
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    What Do You Invest In?

    Currently for me I have my 401k with company match, a Roth IRA, the three fund ETF portfolio, and then a few loose stocks.
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    Hey There

    Joined for the finance aspect of the forum. Can’t wait to learn from others!