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    Instagram influencers.

    I have an account with them, but still haven't made 100 followers, but most of them have thousands of followers for their accounts. Instagram had became more powerful player just like other social media accounts.
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    Trending Articles

    Ok, No problem. I just thought you may be interested in such platform, although we are seeing lot of forums will move in such a way.
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    Trending Articles

    Looks awesome now, how about some posts exchange with other forum owners or paid posts for your forum growth.
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    Increasing Backlinks

    Free Guest blogging works only on some ways because they will remove your link after some time or the blog may get shut down due to no income. I would suggest try both, but you will see the Paid guest posts really work than those free guest posts.
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    Revillution - Your portal to entertainment!

    It is a nice forums where I was already a member of it. The forums need more development and monetization for the future so it will be visible more on the internet.
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    Trending Articles

    The page is not found looks like you are a spammer here in this forums. Please post another link here so we can review it.
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    Increasing Backlinks

    It is so much important for ranking on the internet, without backlinks you can't do much things. Build unique and niche wise backlinks to rank higher in SERP. Try guest posting on other sites of your same niche blogs and see how the traffic improves for you.
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    Best Thread Title Creator

    A suggestion tool is better than writing by ourselves so I would be using a tool as it gets lot of titles and even keyword generator.
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    Google Console

    Did you applied that idea? or still reading this forums. I don't think the above suggestion works correctly, since we don't have to remove urls, but have to fix on crawling.
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    Wordpress Keywords plugin

    There was a plugin, but I forgot it and we need to install in wordpress to get suggestion of keywords. I will let you know if i get another time.
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    The fall of Bitcoin.

    You are wrong, he can't loss everything as their could be something left for him with that BTC. At what price he bought can you let me know so I can suggest to your friend.
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    Travel Forums

    Do you like running travel forums? or did anybody used to run in the past travel forums? If not also please specify the following answers. Does travel forum bring revenue or blog? Does travel forum can be monetized easily or a blog? I am knowing that a forum can be easily monetized and have...
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    Favourite forum software?

    Xenforo is good for me and the free one as MYBB since they update every time even they won't get money. I am still with Xenforo because it is light weight and easy to handle large forums.
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    Web Hosting

    I am using currently shared hosting, but soon will move to VPS because it may become big for maintaining and the page too loads very fast.
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    Search engine ppc ads vs social media ppc ads

    Both works great and these days people are most active on social media sites and they too displaying targetted ads to a particular category. In PPC ads are relevant to search, but at this time the ads are not seeing relevantly. You need to try both and see which one works better.