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    Your First Affiliate Program

    There is no way to stop unless you are doing illegal works like selling books for your own need without resell rights. I would suggest to post your idea and thoughts here in this forums so someone can suggest you better answer. I would say you can go ahead and start to continue, just check some...
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    Killed a pet?

    Ive had Hens and usually I have to kill one in a six months, but this will done by the another person. I am not keeping pets anymore so no accidentally kill them. We all love our pets and they too love us and do you like if your pet wants to kill you?
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    Driven Drunk

    I don't drink wines, and even don't have a car, but will be getting a new one soon. Drunken Driving is a punishment here for jail 3 months, but this is still not implemented in the city.
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    Developers Community - Storm Developers

    It's nice to hear from you that you kept it under fully development. Keep working daily and don't leave until you finishes. You may struggle in middle, but you will definitely become great developer. I would suggest one more thing about Blockchain that is leading presently and take a look if...
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    School is a perfect place where we meet everyone and had good friends, share the food. School days are good than any days so better we should enjoy it.
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    Thing you love to do

    I haven't made any site into top position, so still looking to make atleast one out of my 3 sites.
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    Birthday Party

    I have gone so many relatives Birthday parties and still I am interested in going more parties soon.
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    I eat Rice all the time in the lunch because it will fill our stomach and we don't eat like other countries do.
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    I don't like him where he lied that our PM asked to mediate for Pak and India. I am not sure how this happen and even got some news about the fake voting. Anyway he is a president, but we have to choose the best one who make our country big.
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    I always worship the sun god daily in morning and on solar eclipse day too. Sun can damage your eyes for looking more time so avoid that and use cooling glasses.
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    World Coldest Place Ever

    It looks like you are talking about India coldest places, but their is none except Ooty and kashmir. In overseas we find many cold places that can become Ice too.
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    There is no favorite food, unless it is cooked perfectly. Even Tiffins come up perfectly inmost times. I would like to eat Vegetable Biryani from a best hotel here at paradise.
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    247News | Loiter Lounge

    This relies on forum motion, however looking pretty good, but you have to get some members for posting in your forums. I would suggest exchange some goodies with other for an activity in your forums.
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    Developers Community - Storm Developers

    The site looks excellent with nice design and you need some activity for ongoing. You should try with paid posters and invite some buyers to get the development for the onboard. This is an hard niche to compete as we see there are more forums who failed in such business. Hire some community team...
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    What Mobile phone you have?

    Everyone has a mobile phone in these days, so what phone you have at this time?