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    Best online payment system

    PayPal hands down for sure, you can use other methods but customers may not feel secure to pay, thus loosing some sells.
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    Indexing and Crawlers

    Have you had a problem with Google indexing only some pages of your website and not the others? how to fix such an issue?
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    How fast is your Internet?

    I wish my internet is $8 monthly like yours, I don't have super fast connection but its great except for the monthly bills.
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    Google Console

    I think non indexed pages includes Term of Service, Privacy Policy and any page you don't want to be shown in search results, if you are using Wordpress you can install YOAST plugin and easily set pages for non-index.
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    Dealing with spam

    Question for forum owners using Wordpress, how do you deal with spammers? what plugin or other methods do you use beside manual moderation?
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    I think Godaddy and some hosting companies charge a monthly fee for backups, in my opinion its worth it since they provide customer support if there is any issue.
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    Money management

    In order to be a successful individual or a business owner money management is an important factor, in your opinion what is the biggest mistake that people do when managing their financial life? I think its over spending in a short amount of time? what do you think?
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    Gold and silver

    What is the best way to invest in gold and silver, is it even worth it? I've been monitoring the prices for a while now and it seems like is not going anywhere, is this an indication that the economy is stable?
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    Promoting a website or online store

    It seems like the hard part is finding and getting audience to visit a website, online store, a blog or whatever we spend lot of time in building and maintaining. so what is your strategies when it comes to finding and getting traffic to your website? what are the instant ( example paid ads )...
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    The new WordPress editor.

    Great, I will look into it.
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    The new WordPress editor.

    I don't like it as well, If ain't broke don't fix it really applies in this case. I hate the big space between the blocks, I wish they left the classic page editor alone. how did you guys get the classic editor back? what mod did you use Jason?
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    Where do you prefer to watch movies?

    I rarely go to theater due to lack of time, so TV is my only refuge when it comes to watching movies. I agree with everyone above that theater is the best option because of the memories and experience, plus the big bucket of popcorn of course.
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    What is Web Hosting?

    What type of hosting is best for forums? members are usually active daily and posting attachments. is shared web hosting would be enough?
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    My Cars Fixed - Auto repair questions/answers forum

    Site Name: My Cars Fixed URL: My Cars Fixed Forum Type: Forum Site Info: A forum for individuals and garage owners to find solutions to car problems.
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    Is it just me or it seems like the more we get older the more we tend to watch and listen to classic movies/music? Is it because we missed some good memories back in the day when we were young? or is it because we get more wiser as we get older and see that most of today's entertainment is...