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    Indexing and Crawlers

    Thats why google say that sitemap is important because this types of issues are due to interlinking of website ..... For example if your home page are linking to five page then first these five pages will index and after few days or month search engines will index other. If sitemap at site then...
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    Managing Websites

    I have 2 websites and i am giving 2 to 4 hours to manage websites and client query. Most time is taken for reply for client and then manage or post contents at websites.
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    Paid or Free

    Both can be beneficial but its completely depend on your budget, your niche market and your networking. If you have brand new website in website designing niche then paid marketing will help you because its very competitive niche market. And if you have any low competitive keywords then you can...
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    2000 Word Blog Posts

    With any blog or contents if we want to make them SEO friendly and user friendly then need to keep few points in mind. Not very long paragraph. (Increase readability) Use always heading tag in mid of article to describe these paragraphs on what point. (Increase readability) Dont repeat keywords...
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    How to make student mind map to learn SEO

    I prefer always to learn SEO with practical ... Because in theory generally we see that you should content marketing, guest posting for quality backlinks but actually they have to learn also that how can they create backlinks ... How to create links from mid of contens and many more ..... So my...
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    Website Design

    Because i am using linux generally so for banner and logo both can create in GIMP or Inkscape ...... Window 10 also provide easy paint for editing or creating banner .... not idea about logo but i think can create also ther. As i see online very limited sites are giving good logo or banner for...
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    Hi Subh Here

    Hi All Funbizforum Members, My name is Subh and i just joined this forums. I am doing online business. Hope for good response from all members.