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    Hi, everyone! :)

    Excuse me
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    Driven Drunk

    Yeah 1 time
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    Celebrity Crush

    Nicki Minaj
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    The bitches
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    Disney World

    Yes in 2008
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    Killed a pet?

    What ?
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    In Elevator

    Yeah a few times
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    PayPal over BTC?

    PayPal in a landslide
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    Money management

    Money Management is the key to success
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    The fall of Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin sucks
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    Favorite sports

    What are your favorite sports ?
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    Do you support him ?
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    Forum Logo

    We need a logo
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    test 2

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    Watching TV at night?

    What isn’t bad for you these days. People are ignorant with these articles telling you what is good and what isn’t. Who the fuck cares lol
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    Do you use Twitter?

    I didn’t even know Twitter was still around anymore.
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    Do you use Twitter?

    Twitter sucks
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    YouTube vids for site promotion.

    If you know what you are doing it could work
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    Forum vs Social Media

    A little bit of both
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    Increasing Page Loading Speed

    This website runs slow