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  1. Jason

    Favourite forum software?

    Did VB - even have a competitor back then (2000s)?
  2. Jason

    Popular company made MyBB themes free

    Yes, of course, tasting is a big part of marketing. I implement that on my drum lesson forum.
  3. Jason

    Free with Ads, Free, or Paid Hosting?

    A lot of hobbyist sites with ads (Small hobby sites might not mind ads.) could add up to a lot of clicks (for the hosting company). I suppose that's how ProBoards works. However, the problem is ad-blockers.
  4. Jason

    Postloop - do you use it?

    They've went out of business and it's competitor, The Forum Wheel. is scheduled to be sold. Well. TFW wasn't doing so well either.
  5. Jason

    Youtube Marketing

    Since YouTube has no paid boosting, you would need paid promotion via AdWords, BingAds, Facebook.
  6. Jason

    Improving Organic Traffic

    Improve SEO metrics - especially TF (trust flow). Note: DA (domain authority) can be misleading.
  7. Jason

    How to find a good SEO pro?

    Possibly email the project sites?
  8. Jason

    The Danger of Paid Email Lists

    Email lists are, of course, the way to market, but beware of pre-made stuff. It's because it might contain "less than hot leads" or maybe even people who never volunteered to be a lead. Of course, the best way to get leads is to make your own fresh list of leads via a subscriber form (on your...
  9. Jason

    Rise of Social Media Marketing

    With Facebook, it's another form of the email list (FB Groups and Pages). Of course, the email list has long been the way to market - way before social media. It's called "getting leads".
  10. Jason

    Property Has anyone invested into land or property's?

    My nephew is getting into that game and doing well. In fact, he makes more than from his Physicians Assistant job!
  11. Jason


    I'm into Nintendo, but anything's possible.
  12. Jason

    Paid or free games?

    Chess is always fun to play free.
  13. Jason

    Admin Loop - Project In Progress

    What is your plan for traffic and revenue?
  14. Jason

    SSL for website

    Problem has been fixed with my hosting support (not NameCheap). Anyway, they're the ones who work with keys.
  15. Jason

    Selling How-To Courses

    Right, you need proof. That's why people are rushing into the lady's website (
  16. Jason

    Let's Encrypt

    I had three websites.
  17. Jason

    Credits and Shop System Temp Taken Down

    Plan to put this stuff back on - but have to buy a new licence (will be some time), cause XF is now 2.1.
  18. Jason

    New Logo Up

    Nothing fancy, but there's the slider to make up for it.
  19. Jason

    Let's Encrypt

    I went ahead and bought 3 SSLs from NameCheap. Well, it's draining my pocket, though - LOL.
  20. Jason

    SSL Problem Fixed

    All fixed thanks to some help from support (InMotion Hosting). Help was only a few minutes also!