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  1. kingcool52

    The things you do when you don't play.

    It depends on what I've already done on that day. Sometimes, I'll probably just go on a few forums or visit a few survey sites to see if I can make some money from them. If I've already done that, then I'll probably just go on my phone and watch some TV shows on Netflix.
  2. kingcool52

    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    I love Euro Truck Simulator. Unfortunately, I'm a gamer on the PlayStation 4 so I haven't had the chance to actually play Euro Truck Simulator 2 or other similar games. Luckily for me, there is an actual truck simulator coming soon to PS4 so I'm looking forward to that, although I'm not sure how...
  3. kingcool52

    Do you have any game merchandise?

    I don't have any gaming merchandise unless you count a guide book as merchandise. The only thing that I have is a Grand Theft Auto V guidebook that I decided to get when GTA V first came out on the 360 and Ps3. The funny thing is that it's completely useless to me and something I've never...
  4. kingcool52

    Recording/streaming video games?

    I used to make a few videos for various games although it was never really a serious thing that I did. I know that I made a few videos on Grand Theft Auto when new vehicles came out and I got a few views for it (averaging around 100 views per video).
  5. kingcool52

    VR Gaming?

    My younger sister got one of those virtual reality headsets that use a phone. I tried it out and honestly, I didn't really like it that much. It's a good experience for a few minutes but after a while, it's just boring and pointless.
  6. kingcool52

    What are your favourite video games?

    It would have to be the Grand Theft Auto series although, like the users above, I haven't played it much recently. The problem for me was that Rockstar shoved microtransactions into the game and it just ruined the online experience for me.
  7. kingcool52

    Favourite platform to play games on?

    It has to be the PlayStation 4 for me because of the fact that it's the console that I use the most. It's a great console with a great collection of games available to play on it and I've never encountered any issues with it either.
  8. kingcool52

    Discord for gaming?

    I use Discord quite frequently but not for gaming purposes actually. I know a lot of people have started using Discord as a Skype replacement and that's exactly what I'm using it for as well. I use it to talk to other users on sites I frequent and I am also a member of a Chelsea FC discord.
  9. kingcool52


    This is a tough one because there are so many choices (all of which have some sort of meat on them lol :D ). If I had to choose, I would probably go for either a steak or some pork ribs as my favourite food.
  10. kingcool52


    I actually had quite a late breakfast/lunch today. I had some bagels, scrambled eggs and bacon.
  11. kingcool52


    I love shopping (both online and in physical stores) as long as I'm getting some things for me. If I'm going to shop but only for things for other people, then I will probably end up getting bored quickly and hate it
  12. kingcool52

    Your Height

    I believe I'm around 5ft 11. Got a few years left to grow so hopefully I can reach that magical height of 6ft lol
  13. kingcool52

    Birthday Party

    Yeah, I've been to a few birthday parties, the majority of them being when I was younger. I think, when you're older, most people just tend to go out for a meal or drinks rather than having an actual party for their birthday.
  14. kingcool52


    I mean, I'm sure we've all tried to look at the sun just to see what happens. I've never properly looked at it but I have made a few glances at it (especially when I was wearing sunglasses) when I was younger. It's a pretty stupid thing to do really because it's not at all good for you.
  15. kingcool52


    When I was younger, I thought it would be cool to get a skateboard but I never actually ended up using it. I ended up throwing it away a couple of years ago.
  16. kingcool52


    Tough one because there are so many. My two favourite choices would have to be brownies and millionaire's cheesecake. If I had to choose something that I had to only eat as a dessert for the rest of my life, I would probably go with brownies.
  17. kingcool52

    PUBG or Fortnite?

    It has to be Fortnite Battle Royale for me. The biggest factor that led me to this choice is the fact that the game is free. The game works well and there aren't any huge bugs in the game (which PUBG is well known for). It's also much more fun and relaxing to play.
  18. kingcool52

    Game tutorial Video

    Never bothered although I would love to have a gaming channel on YouTube. It's probably a bit too late considering how many gaming channel are out there.
  19. kingcool52

    Subway Surfers

    I used to love that game and it was really fun. But I don't play it anymore and I uninstalled it a while back. I believe my younger sister still has the game installed on her phone although I don't think she plays it anymore either.
  20. kingcool52

    How often do you buy games?

    It depends on what games are available and has come out. I don't have a set schedule where I get a game every month. Sometimes, I'll go almost half a year without getting a game because there haven't been any decent releases.