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    New here

    You are from RAAJKOT, "self-hating nigger" from Bonglaadeshh.
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    New here

    Well, your PROSHE shucksh, "neutered cat" .
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    Money management

    Well, I don't believe you because I have no reason to believe you.
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    Tell ush shomething about Banglaadeshh becaushe that ish the place from where your anceshtorsh were driven out and that ish the place where you really belong.
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    Do you use Twitter?

    Oogity boogity.
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    Hi, everyone! :)

    Fuck off, "self-hating nigger" ! You are a big blot on the name of humanity. These forums are meant for decent human beings.
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    Hi, everyone! :)

    Oogity boogity, "self-hating nigger" .
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    Best Forum Software - Free or Paid

    Exactly how? Exactly bhhere??
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    Best Forum Software - Free or Paid

    apart of what?