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  1. Jason5

    Where to sell domain names?

    I use Namecheap Marketplace to sell my domains. As i register my domains with them and i love to put the domains for sale with them. I don't like to use other sites (i use forums to sell my domains though)
  2. Jason5

    Got Bored of Gaming?

    Have you ever got bored of gaming? I have gone bored playing Left 4 Dead for long time. Counter Strike 1.6 was one of the game were i never get bored.
  3. Jason5

    DDoS prevention

    If you really want to protect your site from DDos it is better to avoid shared hosting. Hosting company will claim they provide DDos support but it is not advisable. Going with VPS with DDos protection is a wise choice.
  4. Jason5

    The new WordPress editor.

    The new editor is not for all, the best thing is we can revert back to Classic editor by installing the plugin. Glad they kept the classic editor else it will be a disaster. I really don't like the new editor.
  5. Jason5

    Checking website is down or up?

    You can also use this website, a long domain name. I use this when i am not able to access my site for some reason.
  6. Jason5

    Favourite support type system?

    I like the ticket system, this way when the same issue pop up we have the guide to fix it. And it is a record how a company provides support too.
  7. Jason5

    Webmaster Hut

    Webmaster Hut is a community where webmasters can showcase website, get help, share offers, sell/buy services and lots more!
  8. Jason5


    My host claims they take backup every day. No matter what the host claims it is always best for us to keep a backup in our HDD weekly.
  9. Jason5


    I am using Woltlab suite and till now i haven't installed any plugin. I don't need any special feature so the basic suite works well for me.
  10. Jason5


    I will go with Gulab jamun an Indian dish. I love it so much and i feel it is the best dessert after a good meal.
  11. Jason5

    Do you use Twitter?

    I use Twitter but not daily, i use it when i need to raise a complaint for the service i use :D other than i don't use it much.
  12. Jason5

    Greetings everyone

    Hello Jason here. I love to run forum, interested in Tech, love troubleshooting and learning Linux now :)