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  1. bharath

    Best Thread Title Creator

    A suggestion tool is better than writing by ourselves so I would be using a tool as it gets lot of titles and even keyword generator.
  2. bharath

    Google Console

    Did you applied that idea? or still reading this forums. I don't think the above suggestion works correctly, since we don't have to remove urls, but have to fix on crawling.
  3. bharath

    Wordpress Keywords plugin

    There was a plugin, but I forgot it and we need to install in wordpress to get suggestion of keywords. I will let you know if i get another time.
  4. bharath

    The fall of Bitcoin.

    You are wrong, he can't loss everything as their could be something left for him with that BTC. At what price he bought can you let me know so I can suggest to your friend.
  5. bharath

    Travel Forums

    Do you like running travel forums? or did anybody used to run in the past travel forums? If not also please specify the following answers. Does travel forum bring revenue or blog? Does travel forum can be monetized easily or a blog? I am knowing that a forum can be easily monetized and have...
  6. bharath

    Favourite forum software?

    Xenforo is good for me and the free one as MYBB since they update every time even they won't get money. I am still with Xenforo because it is light weight and easy to handle large forums.
  7. bharath

    Web Hosting

    I am using currently shared hosting, but soon will move to VPS because it may become big for maintaining and the page too loads very fast.
  8. bharath

    Search engine ppc ads vs social media ppc ads

    Both works great and these days people are most active on social media sites and they too displaying targetted ads to a particular category. In PPC ads are relevant to search, but at this time the ads are not seeing relevantly. You need to try both and see which one works better.
  9. bharath

    The Danger of Paid Email Lists

    Sometimes it may work and sometimes it may not, but you have to test atleast three times on different seasons. Some of my friends got leads and still they use paid email lists. If you have a buyer lists, then that could bring some sales although this works only few times.
  10. bharath

    Xyphien LLC - Webmaster, Promotion & Game Development

    The forum is really amazing with the theme, but the text is too small in reading on small desktops. I have seen the forum is active and you might been still developing hardly. Hope the forum had a great success in the future.
  11. bharath

    Gold and silver

    You should have invested in the last year, now the prices are up for better profits. I would suggest now don't invest as the prices will drop soon.
  12. bharath

    Best time for doing exercise

    Morning is the best because we don't eat anything and you should do before breakfast.
  13. bharath

    Scheduling threads or posts

    Is their any plugin in any software that can schedule our forum topics or posts as per our requirement? I used news feed in the past, but now I want to schedule my own topics in xenforo or mybb software.
  14. bharath

    Best Content spinner

    Hi, thanks for your suggestion I used Prepost seo tools, but don't know their spinner and I am trying to get a good one as this will avoid some time consume.
  15. bharath

    The Numbers Game

    I thought it is really a number game here to play, but reading your post it is about the advertising. Some times we may loss in advertising, but sometimes we may gain with the same advertising, however we will find the difference easily. This happens most times because of the holidays and...
  16. bharath

    webpage instant indexing

    Use sitemap and RSS to submit major sites for fast indexing, or add your website in signature to Bigboards. If your site is big, then Google crawls automatically within a short period.
  17. bharath


    I am in to the Crypto world in the year of 2017 and I left them in 2018 again joined one month back into Blockchain. It was one of the easiest way to make money by Holding Bitcoin. There are lots of things you can do like blogging, writing content for others, etc. People usually making money by...
  18. bharath

    How to Increase FB followers

    It's nice to hear and I am looking to create a group too so people can share their posts and mine too as some groups are not allowing to post messages in them.
  19. bharath

    Best Thread Title Creator

    I was looking for a good site that create Thread titles for forums. I was ubersuggest for blog posts however it didn't satisfy for me and now I am looking for forum topic creator. Do you know any tool that display good topics title according to the keyword specified.
  20. bharath

    Best Content spinner

    I was looking to get a content spinner for spinning articles, although I would use my own typing, but at the end ill try to rewrite them. Could somebody suggest me a free or cheap article writer.