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  1. bharath

    Travel Forums

    Do you like running travel forums? or did anybody used to run in the past travel forums? If not also please specify the following answers. Does travel forum bring revenue or blog? Does travel forum can be monetized easily or a blog? I am knowing that a forum can be easily monetized and have...
  2. bharath

    Scheduling threads or posts

    Is their any plugin in any software that can schedule our forum topics or posts as per our requirement? I used news feed in the past, but now I want to schedule my own topics in xenforo or mybb software.
  3. bharath

    Best Thread Title Creator

    I was looking for a good site that create Thread titles for forums. I was ubersuggest for blog posts however it didn't satisfy for me and now I am looking for forum topic creator. Do you know any tool that display good topics title according to the keyword specified.
  4. bharath

    Best Content spinner

    I was looking to get a content spinner for spinning articles, although I would use my own typing, but at the end ill try to rewrite them. Could somebody suggest me a free or cheap article writer.
  5. bharath

    Latest Posts in Xenforo 2

    How to show the latest posts in Xenforo 2 version as I am using, but it is not showing and did a search in Google can't find anything. I thought paid software is good, but they don't have everything and all of them are for paid only. I mean in the homepage of sidebar just like this funbiz forums.
  6. bharath

    2018 backlinking

    What is the best method to build backlinks at this time? I know Guest blogging but it need to pay money for the owner since no one is giving for free. Any other methods to build backlinks?
  7. bharath

    Tags for Wordpress

    Do you like to get indexed by Google or do you wont allow them to index? I have just disallowed in robots.txt now looking to see the results since my rankings went into 0.
  8. bharath

    Best CMS

    How many of you like how many cms? My favorite is Drupal since it was built best for seo and traffic, but it is hard to understand and the links make so great. WordPress an easier, but it is too easy to hack and was hacked thrice my blog.
  9. bharath

    Classified sites

    How to make money from Classified site? I am looking to start a new site based for India and am hoping it would make atleast some money since the domain name based on India. I know making for Tier 1 countries would be good, but apparently had this domain to develop.
  10. bharath

    Youtube Marketing

    Do you promote your products on youtube as most people are making huge amount of money by promoting amazon, eBay, Shopify and other affiliate programs.
  11. bharath

    Game tutorial Video

    Do you make Tutorial on games? I mean people who make money by uploading games on YouTube? I had a channel want to post more videos, but not getting which part is best or how to make Videos?
  12. bharath

    How to Increase FB followers

    I was looking to increase facebook followers for my page, however I lost some interest in them due to poor security from employers. How many of you succeeded your business through FB pages?
  13. bharath

    Google Console

    I am getting problem with these new Google console and most of the sites got de indexed. Can somebody tell me what is noindex and how can I remove from my website? There are more question, but later we can have chat here.
  14. bharath

    Wordpress Keywords plugin

    I was searching for this plugin where we can able to view what keywords are using to reach our site, although analytic s doesn't show much things and including webmaster tools. I am thinking to install this type of plugin if anyone knows it please let me know.