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  1. Jason

    The new WordPress editor.

    What might be good about it? I mean, they wouldn't make a new one for no reason!
  2. Jason

    Credits and Shop System Temp Taken Down

    Will have to remove them until the 1st of next month. Need them for Promotion Forum project. However, really want to add them back once new licenses are bought.
  3. Jason

    How fast is your Internet?

    Mine is much more expensive due to being satellite - around $100 a month!
  4. Jason

    Dealing with spam

    I don't use WordPress for forums either - but I think backward questions are effective for any forum. For instance, you could ask something like: "What is the word bat spelled backward?".
  5. Jason

    Most Difficult Task(s)

    However, a lot of forums won't invest in expansion.
  6. Jason

    The new WordPress editor.

    Classic Editor Addon
  7. Jason

    What is Web Hosting?

    Someone said, at least a VPS is needed. Any confirmation on that?
  8. Jason

    In Elevator

    No, but I don't hope it doesn't jinx me to say so! :eek:
  9. Jason

    In strange place

    Yeah, one time after getting drunk.
  10. Jason

    Foreign Language

    Yeah, to be funny. :D
  11. Jason

    Missing anyone

    I miss my girlfriend sometimes.
  12. Jason

    Would you trust a person from the Internet?

    It depends on the person's rep. That would need to be checked.
  13. Jason

    Best Present

    Possibly it was this guitar fuzz box. You can make any sound with it!
  14. Jason


    I liked being around people.
  15. Jason


    Not really sure, but Cheesecake would certainly be possible!
  16. Jason

    Killed a pet?

    No, but I probably have other people's. It's so sad and I regret it.
  17. Jason

    How fast is your Internet?

    There are no exact numbers but my satellite internet is faster than dial up but slower than DSL (or whatever else you find in the city).
  18. Jason

    Million Dollars

    Well, one thing would be invest in a business and another would be invest in a hobby (hobby forum etc.).
  19. Jason

    Disney World

    No, but my brothers and sisters went as children (late 1960s).
  20. Jason

    Thing you love to do

    I don't think I'm the greatest 3D (computer) artist - but I love messing with it. I mean, messing it up :D.
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