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    Money management

    Oh, I did shcore an 'exemption' twice in Paper 2 of C.A. Final. .......entirely shelf-taught, ash ushual. I am actually pretty good at it.
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    What exactly makes a mortal an ‘agnostic’?

    An atheist is a person who does not believe in the afterlife and mocks religion whereas an agnostic, more or less, is a person who does believe in an afterlife, does respect the philosophical part of ‘religion’ but does not get carried away by the mythology, that is, he does not really mock...
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    What exactly makes a mortal an ‘agnostic’?

    There’s definitely something which leaves the human body after death……some kind of energy…..call it ‘soul’ or whatever. So, there should be something such as an afterlife and there should be another world with a very different ‘master’ , as well. But, the human beings did not ’emerge’ out...
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    What is a domain name

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    Do you agree?

    The likes of you are the finest examples of that. Yaaawnn......
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    The mosht popular webshite on the internet ish......

    Oh, I was only trying very hard to be really sarcastic. Of course, google.com is the most popular 'website' in the virtual world but I was actually talking about the most popular webshite there. I did succeed because it did not go unnoticed.
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    Who is the most influential person of all times?

    Oh, I was talking in the aggregate terms.....and I was correct in my assessment. The Christian school of thought, too, is at the very heart of the Western school of thought.
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    What exactly is 'religion' ?

    That'sh what you think, Hodgepodge from the Third World. They are all Chrishtiansh even though of the liberal type. Even there in Rushshia, Hinduishm ish not WELCOME at all.
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    Who exactly is a human being?

    Oh, I must add that the international 'borders' are terribly real.
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    Who exactly is a human being?

    Shtupid ish ash a shtupid doesh. :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:(n)(n)
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    Who exactly is a human being?

    A human being is the sum total of race, community, culture and the individual.
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    Do you agree?

    Honesty is the best policy unless compromise becomes a necessity.
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    Who is the most influential person of all times?

    Too bad, nobody really has the faintest clue of what exactly the Yeshua of Nazareth looked like.
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    Favorite sports

    Of courshe, practice hash to make a man perfect!
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    Favorite sports

    I shimply can not help adding that I am getting really good at it, all the time.
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    The prevailing World Order (more or less)

    Turkey is one country which may surprise many and break into the top ten, in the long run; it has Westernized itself while retaining its conservative core.
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    Well, Trump is a political novice but he is not a fool as the liberals want everyone to believe. In fact, he's shrewd; his own daughter is not only married to a Jewish American but she also converted to Judaism before getting married to him.
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