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    The new WordPress editor.

    WordPress just updated their software and I hate it! They did a complete revamp of the editor and packed it with unnecessary features. It does exactly what it used to, besides the SEO features, so I don't know what the real purpose of all of that was. My site runs on WordPress so I'll be...
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    PayPal over BTC?

    These days a lot of people prefer to pay with BTC, but most people use or at least have a PayPal account. The difference with both is that BTC is secure and has no chance of getting charged back, while PayPal is famous for chargebacks. Do you use BTC(or other secure cryptocurrencies) to avoid...
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    Finding staff.

    Do you hire people, or look for volunteers, to help you manage your website? I've always had quite a hard time allowing people to have certain permissions so I almost always end up running all of my sites on my own. When I had forums I really only had super moderators and moderators. I...
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    Best Forum Software - Free or Paid

    I have always been a huge fan of MyBB. I originally would only use vBulletin but then I started using MyBB with my test forums and I fell in love with it. The flexibility of MyBB is fantastic. I love the fact that MyBB has a lot of plugins and themes for it. I also love the fact that the...
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    Website Design

    Are you looking for a program you can use to design your own logo, or are you looking for a program or website that will generate a logo for you? If you're looking to design your own but don't want to dish out the cash to get Photoshop, I would definitely recommend It's an amazing...
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    A lot of hosting companies won't automatically back it up but you can always opt in for auto backups. Then there are a lot of other companies that will require a payment for backups, depending on the plan that you purchased. I would just back it up on my own. I hate having to rely on anyone...
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    Best online payment system

    I will always accept PayPal for services because millions using it. It's probably my favourite payment method. I have cards with them as well so I can easily use those funds in my real life. These days crypto is a really big thing. I was never into it but this year I sucked it up and started...
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    Where to sell domain names?

    I used to be a domain broker, amongst other things, and I would use forums with a strong webmaster audience. There aren't many of them around these days but there are still a few good ones that I use here and there. Flippa is probably number one, but I also use Digital Point, NamePros, DN...
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    Instagram influencers.

    Do you use Instagram influencers to promote your business? If not, would you use them? Have you considered them? And if you have used them, was it actually effective? Would you recommend using such a service? Or are you an influencer yourself? How lucrative is it? I was looking into becoming an...
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    Township Mobile

    Is there anyone here that plays Township? I'm addicted to this game. If you don't know what it is, it's a game similar to Farmville. You make goods in factories, you build a town, you grow crops, etc. The best part of the game is the regattas. You're given tasks to complete during a specific...
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    The fall of Bitcoin.

    Who here invested in bitcoins? Did you end up selling during the recent crash, or are you one of the rare few that still thinks it's going to be worth hundreds of thousands one day? I sold all of mine before the crash because I could tell this was going to happen. Thank goodness I listened to...
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    Where do you prefer to watch movies?

    My girlfriend and I don't really watch movies anymore. We're way too into our television shows at the moment. But on the off chance that we end up watching a movie we like to watch it on our television in our bedroom. If we're sick of staying home we'll go to the movies. Those are really the...
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    Property Has anyone invested into land or property's?

    I haven't done it personally but my brother has and it's amazing. He has two houses. He lives in one of the houses and rent the other one out. The one that he rents outs pays for the mortgage of both. Everything him and his family makes is profit so they go on vacations often. He's living his...
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    Necro posts?

    I usually allow it if the response is on topic and answers the original post directly. Basically, I'll let it go if it's relevant to the discussion. Sometimes if the thread is a decade old and the topic is still relevant, I'll close that one and open a new one.
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    I'm just lucky I pulled out before it crashed. So many people were pissed about bitcoin dropping. I know a lot of people that lost thousands of dollars. If they were smart they would have invested when it was being sold for a lot less. I'm not saying they should have been there when it was at a...
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    Wait time between posts.

    I hope this issue gets resolved, too. Two hundred seconds is a long time. I don't need that much time to think about my next post. lol I guess it's not too big of a deal though since I don't frequent these forums. I'm sure once I get to a certain amount of posts the length of time to wait...
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    Wait time between posts.

    The wait time between posts is 200 seconds. Is there a certain amount of posts needed to lessen that? It seems a little excessive to me.
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    Package Zone.

    What is the Package Zone section for? I couldn't find a description or anything.
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    Senseless Blogger

    Senseless Blogger is a blog that I started in May 2018. It's what I use to vent about frustrations, share my thoughts on situations or just talk about things that are probably not relevant to anyone else. I started a series on Senseless Blogger called Let Me Explain Myself, where I get really...