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  1. MeowsePad

    Cable or streaming?

    Do you prefer watching TV on cable or streaming shows that you like? While I still think streaming is the way to go, Netflix is currently adding commercials, and both Netflix and Hulu are limiting the number of screens per household. That really may push people back to cable, especially since...
  2. MeowsePad


    What GPU do you use? How is it? I have a GTX 1060, and I'm finding it to be quite adequate. I would love to get a 1080 (or 1180 if the next generation is out anytime soon) eventually, though.
  3. MeowsePad


    Have you ever cheated in a video game? What happened? I used to cheat in video games when I was younger. I even got banned from a couple of games. Now I realize how stupid it is to cheat. :P
  4. MeowsePad

    VR Gaming?

    I don't really like VR Gaming that much. I wanna be lazy when I game.
  5. MeowsePad

    Live Streaming

    Livestreaming is a great source of advertising, particularly if you have a gaming community. You can target people who like to play games quite directly.
  6. MeowsePad

    Ready Made or Custom Theme?

    I tend to use custom themes to add a touch of originality to my community. That's not to say that your community can't be original with a premade theme, however. It's just nice to have something to set your community apart from others visually.
  7. MeowsePad

    IPB vs MyBB, Which is better?

    I think that I probably prefer IPB between the two of them, but they are very similar. I didn't really care for MyBB when I used it, though, because of the lack of plugins and themes available.
  8. MeowsePad

    What is your favourite social media platform?

    I have to admit that Twitter is growing on me, as much as it pains me to say it. :P I don't use it as it was intended, though. I use it mainly as an advertising platform. For personal use, I would say Facebook is probably my favorite.