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  1. Jason

    Favourite forum software?

    What is IB?
  2. Jason

    How to Increase FB followers As I mentioned on another thread, you probably found super-fans.
  3. Jason

    Large Social Media List and No Interaction As mentioned, I'm moving people from my Facebook page to my group. Well, you can't advertise a group directly on FB anyway. It has to be done on a page or a third party site.
  4. Jason

    The Numbers Game

    One idea is to have many small groups. However, though, what I'm doing now is moving my page fans (Facebook) to a group. I get more communication there.
  5. Jason

    Paid or Free

    You have probably found super-fans. These people buy whatever you want. I mean, otherwise, you'd have to boost everything. If there are no super-fans, you even have to boost "good stuff".
  6. Jason

    Money management

    I'd say that careful research needs to be done - before venturing into a business - and everything needs to be taken into account.
  7. Jason

    Paid or Free

    Free isn't usually a good idea - even if you have good stuff. Well, good stuff is often ignored, unfortunately!
  8. Jason

    How to Increase FB followers

    If you're using paid promotion, groups can only be grown via pages or some third party ad - as in displaying on your own website. However, the ad company (for the 3rd party thing) can still be Facebook.
  9. Jason

    Large Social Media List and No Interaction

    This wouldn't just be because of no effort - but rather the cost of communicating to a page/group is simply too high! I mean, you already probably spent a lot on building it, but what's left to for communication?
  10. Jason

    The Danger of Paid Email Lists

    Communication with the email list is equally important. Well, you need to develop a healthy relationship, not just spammy crap!
  11. Jason

    The Numbers Game

    Always it's smart to study those already successful. Well, for example, look at a successful Patreon - and study their social media pages. See how many followers they have compared to what profit they make.
  12. Jason

    AnimeFused - Anime & Manga Forum

    Sorry, package canceled: Reason: The forum has went "off the air for weeks".
  13. Jason


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  14. Jason

    Search engine ppc ads vs social media ppc ads

    No matter which you are using - be sure to lead them to a social media group/page or email list. Well, if you don't, you're more than likely "throwing the traffic away".
  15. Jason

    Do you use Twitter?

    Backtrack! I was wrong about that. Anyway, though, at least the prices are probably decent - if advertising to your own country.
  16. Jason

    Instagram influencers.

    I'm a Facebook influencer in one niche. Nonetheless, I don't want to sell out to advertisers. In fact, the only thing I want to promote is my own stuff.
  17. Jason

    Smokey here!

    Welcome. Any notable gaming wins?
  18. Jason

    AnimeFused - Anime & Manga Forum

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  19. Jason

    Should you use all social media websites?

    Well, I focus only on Facebook.
  20. Jason

    What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

    Some people use email lists, not social media - or do both. However, all this is digital marketing.