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  1. bharath

    Earn $$$ With Ninja Rewards

    Where shall I promote them? I think we have to signup under you, but can you some guidance so we can make some money here.
  2. bharath

    Wait time between posts.

    The wait time always would be 1 min or less than that nor more. I hope the admin will change the rules for it since some people posts too speed. If they are one word then this 200 seconds timer would be far for them posting.
  3. bharath


    You didn't asked that how about a day without water in your life?
  4. bharath

    Youtube Marketing

    IT takes to invest, but really makes good amount. I tried, but later my adsense account was banned for that channel so I left and the hard work went into mud.
  5. bharath

    Classified sites

    Well It is for India and already had domain authority 40 on the main site, I just looking to make some extra money and also developing it further. I meant classified.domain.com BTW do you know any best free classified script, as I know from the past is Noahs classified.
  6. bharath

    2018 backlinking

    What is the best method to build backlinks at this time? I know Guest blogging but it need to pay money for the owner since no one is giving for free. Any other methods to build backlinks?
  7. bharath

    Tags for Wordpress

    You mean backlinks of the website? or some other things? Now the domain authority is 32.
  8. bharath

    Admin Loop - Project In Progress

    I think you need bunch of monies in developing, since small projects only needed somewhere $10k. Do you think that offering free help from your site would be a good idea? Your project idea is excellent, but funds is important, Good Luck.
  9. bharath

    Misleading SEO Metrics

    Yes, I agree on that part but most webmasters are died due to Google algorithms and their crap ideas. I would suggest you to do the homework what should be done daily. This DA is really a big crap that updates somewhere and some times can't so using their metric system doesn't guarantees we...
  10. bharath

    Google + to be Shut Down

    I thought to use them from this month onwards, but unfortunately they lead to close. I wouldn't say anything since the door needed to close only. They closed Orkut in the past and now Gplus looks like They are facing some problems against social network site.
  11. bharath

    Invisible Thing

    Most of them use invisible mode in forums online chats and hide the real names on internet, but invisible is the best option in order not to disclose real things in life.
  12. bharath

    Tags for Wordpress

    It was good with other host or with same host, but fortunately the host given problems and from their onwards it went 0 in traffic from Google. This time I switched to another host and looking forward to gain domain authority and trust.
  13. bharath

    Free Forum Services

    Well everyone is serious about their services, but these free hosts comes with good things in the beginning, but later they go worse as people rises in their database. Ive used my domain with free hosting, but it never worked for a long time and atleast 6 months would be horrible.
  14. bharath

    Tags for Wordpress

    Do you like to get indexed by Google or do you wont allow them to index? I have just disallowed in robots.txt now looking to see the results since my rankings went into 0.
  15. bharath

    Best CMS

    How many of you like how many cms? My favorite is Drupal since it was built best for seo and traffic, but it is hard to understand and the links make so great. WordPress an easier, but it is too easy to hack and was hacked thrice my blog.
  16. bharath

    Favourite movie genres

    I haven't watched from a long time so don't have any favorite genres. I may watch in next year as my life went depressing.
  17. bharath

    Free Forum Services

    It doesn't meant for money to host, but it really sucks the mud using free services. I tried so many and they keep something into the host or with their scripts. Tired out using so many free forum hosts and never to use in life, including blogging or subdomains.
  18. bharath


    Hmm, no vegetable Biryani? I usually eat once in a month or once in 2 months from hotel made, tried cooking at home, but no tasty.
  19. bharath

    Classified sites

    How to make money from Classified site? I am looking to start a new site based for India and am hoping it would make atleast some money since the domain name based on India. I know making for Tier 1 countries would be good, but apparently had this domain to develop.
  20. bharath

    Youtube Marketing

    Do you promote your products on youtube as most people are making huge amount of money by promoting amazon, eBay, Shopify and other affiliate programs.
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