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Have you ever cheated in a video game? What happened?

I used to cheat in video games when I was younger. I even got banned from a couple of games. Now I realize how stupid it is to cheat. :p


I have used hacks in a Minecraft server - kill aura, anti knockback, trigger bot, fly hack, speed hack and whatever else. I was using them just for fun and I didn't even got banned. Maybe because I knew how to hide the hacks.


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I still use a cheat disc when I play Timesplitters so all the characters are available, I did complete it years ago but lost the memory card and can't be bothered to do it again.


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I used cheats before for GTA San Andreas. I don't do the missions I just keep on playing and enjoying the open world of GTA. Cheats are helping me to feel like a boss inside the game. LOL


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Well, cheating is bad especially in school, but if you will use it in game, well, it still depends, it depends on how are you going to use it. If you will use it just to be on top of everyone it's a no for me. But if you will use it for your own entertainment, it's a yes, and its okay to use cheat especially when you are getting tired on playing the mission of the game and you can't finish it without the cheat.


I'm not sure if it counts but I did get a modder to put a billion dollars on my Grand Theft Auto Online account. I paid around $5 for that and it was the best $5 I ever spent considering the absurd prices for GTA Sharkcards.