Favourite platform to play games on?


Which one is your favourite platform to play video games on - PC, Mobile, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or other? What are the reasons for this platform being your favourite one? How much time do you spend playing video games on it?

I'm full into the PC gaming. I always have been gaming on a computer and never really got into console gaming. Main reason for this is I can do much more things on the PC rather than just gaming.


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I like Nintendo cause it has the ones I like the most - Mario and Donkey Kong.


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I'm only playing on PC but if I would've gotten better phone..why not on mobile! I am gonna buy a PS4 for some exclusive games too. I really like that MS shared games from XOne to PC.


It has to be the PlayStation 4 for me because of the fact that it's the console that I use the most. It's a great console with a great collection of games available to play on it and I've never encountered any issues with it either.