Do you earn money from gaming?


There are people play video games for living as their full time job and some of them make really a lot of money. Is anyone here earning something by playing video games? If so, how much do you earn per day or month?

I'm not a professional player and I don't stream or record videos so I don't make any money from gaming.


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Yeah, I earn money while playing games. There are some games that pays money when play it accordingly to what the company wanted. But the main game I am earning money right now is by playing online games such as DotA and League of Legends. The amount of money you earn will definitely vary from the negotiated bet between the two parties highest amount I have won is about 5,000.00 php just enough money for you to buy upgrades you want to make on your computer.


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I have not tried any games apps that rewards money. I have heard several platforms but it seems to be difficult to raise for it. There are many users/gamers are into it . So , the competition is tough.


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I have earned some money from playing games, I have used a paid app that pays for playing games, watching videos etc but the payment is too low and the time until reaching cashout is too long.


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I played games but I can't say that I've really earn money to that, because sometimes you will lose in a game, But was I know some apps that you will surely enjoy and you could have a chance to earn money, if


Only few countries were get paid and I don't think Tier 4 countries are acceptable, but have seen some companies accepts and pays in a long journey. Can you name some games that were paying for playing?


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I'm certainly not a professional gamer or anything like that, so I can't say I've made a profit from playing video games. I've earned money from making bets with my friends. For example, I used to bet my roommate like $10-20 that I'd beat him when we played in NBA 2K or Madden. If we're being honest, I'm pretty good at those games, so I typically finished the day with some extra cash in my pocket from these bets. :p


No, but I wish that I did. It would be pretty awesome to be able to make money from doing your favourite hobby, especially something as fun and entertaining as gaming. I did make some money from my gaming previous though, I sold some mobile games accounts although that's more of a one-time transaction than continuous income.