Paid or free games?


Do you prefer the paid games as they seems to be better or do you stick with the free ones available?

I think that paid games aren't always better. As an example - PUBG and Fortnite. Both games have their pros and cons. Also, Team Fortress 2 is a very good shooting game and it's free.


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I agree with your post. Not all paid apps are worth it. Pubg, Mobile Legends and other none paid apps are my current past time right now. It's only for past time so if you come to think of it why are we going to pay if we are just using it as a past time if we can still enjoy amazing free games.


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I also agreed to your post. How ever when you talked about games. This is a very broad topic, There are several games that are good but not totally free at all. Due to Ads popping in and out. These Ads generates a revenue that increased the profit for the company. These funds will later used as part of the development of the game itself. Also there are games that are pretty good but you have to paid for it because it's offline.

In terms of mobile app. mostly all of them contains Ads which serves as payment method to generate income.


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Well, I would choose a free game, because who wants to pay for a game, if you can have other game for free, but then paid games are a lot nicer than free games, but there are many games that can play free that is also nice. So I would go for free games.


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I would never spend a single cent in playing games. I would like to purchased everything using the credits I got in the game itself but when it comes to the physical money spending on a specific game? nah, I wont definitely do that. So I would say free games is what I prefer the most.


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My best interest will be on free apps because it's more fun. I love the excitement but not the payment. Even thou the premium are better but I still enjoy the free one.


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I prefer the paid games especially when a new game is on the market I wait for a discount and I buy it. After a while, if I get bored I sell the game and I buy a new one.


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When I was young I was mainly playing free games because good ones weren't cheap. But now as I have some more money I am playing only paid games. I'm not buying a lot of them but they're just better than free games. It's worth it.


The majority of the time, I will prefer paid games as I don't like micro transactions. However, Fortnite is the only exception. It's a great free game and I actually like how they have managed to put microtransactions for skins in the game.