What mobile games do you play?


There are a lot of mobile games out there. Which are your favourite ones?

I have been playing a lot of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale before but now I haven't played them for years. I installed Subway Surfer yesterday to waste some time when I have nothing to do.


They are making money by inserting ads all the time and I removed this mobile games from android. There are no games without ads as par as I know. Do you know any other games that are good without ads and multiple chances to win the game?


It has to be Clash Royale for me. I also love the newly launched game, Brawl Stars, which has also been developed by Supercell but I'll have to wait and see to see if it is as addicting and fun as Clash Royale. I actually used to play Clash of Clans but sold my account along with my CR account. But Clash Royale was too fun to miss out on so I ended up creating a new account.