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Aug 20, 2018
Nashville, TN
Cryptocurrency was once this new and radical idea, but it's now been around the block for quite some time. How do you guys feel about cryptocurrency? Is this something that you would be comfortable investing in? Bitcoin is the most notable cryptocurrency, and it's actually made quite a few people extremely rich. Still, there's plenty of other less noteworthy cryptocurrencies, and those are potential investments as well.

Personally, I had a little bit of Bitcoin at one point in time a few years ago, but I've always been hesitant to get involved with cryptocurrency investing. I regret not seriously investing in Bitcoin many years ago when I had the chance though. It was being discussed on a number of forums that I was on before it became such a big deal.

What do you guys think? Are any of you currently invested in cryptocurrency?


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Nov 4, 2018
I'm just lucky I pulled out before it crashed. So many people were pissed about bitcoin dropping. I know a lot of people that lost thousands of dollars.
If they were smart they would have invested when it was being sold for a lot less. I'm not saying they should have been there when it was at a penny, but they shouldn't have waited till the fad grew.
That's just careless.


Sep 20, 2018
A few years ago, I purchased £200 of bitcoin. The transaction was rejected and then I checked my bank statement. My account was charged and ever since then I've stayed away from cryto currencies as its to much of a high risk investment and the value is keeps fluctuating.