Finding staff.


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Nov 4, 2018
Do you hire people, or look for volunteers, to help you manage your website?

I've always had quite a hard time allowing people to have certain permissions so I almost always end up running all of my sites on my own.
When I had forums I really only had super moderators and moderators. I refused to get admins but decided I needed to focus my attention on other projects so I ended up hiring one and he spammed the site, changed logins, etc. It was a terrible experience that kept me from hiring staff unless absolutely necessary, and even then they don't get special permissions.

Anyone else have a bad experience hiring others to help manage your site?


Jul 24, 2018
I always try to have one moderator on my site because it makes my job slightly easier as I don't have to go around looking for content that breaks the rules etc. I try to get volunteers because I don't like to spend site resources on something that users usually are happy to volunteer for.


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I've always used members because they know my style of moderating (very lenient) but I can't keep them for long...because they get mad at me for being too lenient???

I'm really considering using someone from another site next time I need to add staff. That way there is no emotional attachment and it's just business. I tell them how I want things done and they'll do it instead of saying But so and so is my friend.


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Apr 16, 2019
United Kingdom
With my sites i usually hire staff i can trust and know pretty well to help me improve and keep an eye out on the websites,
I always find that when you know someone well enough and given they have good experience with the staff tasks then they will make a great fit,

so for me getting to know someone or someone you have worked with will defiantly help, not only that you can tell from your members who can also be trusted by increasing additional settings they can use to help the website out.